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Client likes CBO Paperless Accounting from Jeffrey

Client Jeffrey loves CBO’s Paperless Accounting

Business Driving Accounting from Mr Ho

How did Mr Ho benefit from CBO’s Business-Driving Accounting services

Value of CBO Accounting from Mr Ho

Client Mr KK Ho shares the real Value of CBO’s Business-Driving Accounting to him.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced certified chartered accountants and accounting professionals who excel in managing all of your accounting and bookkeeping requirements. We ensure that your business is complying with all local regulations to safeguard your reputation.

Importance Of Daily Sales Closing And Settlement Reconciliations For Accurate Accounting

  The day has passed and it is time to close your business for the day. It is important for you to have a discipline to do a 5-minute routine before calling it a day. This routine is called “Sales Closing and Settlement Reconciliation”. It simply means you must know what menu items and how […]

How to increase your Cash and Business Valuations with use of Accounting?

History repeats itself! Hence, it is all worth it to understand your Business History. Proper Accounting is your only way to understand your own Business History! If you understand your Revenue Streams and their derived Contribution Margins, and the behavior patterns of your fixed Operating Costs, you would grasp your Breakeven Sales Level. If you […]

Value-Based Business Steering Or VBBS Accounting

  Recently we sat through a long session with a group of passionate business owners who are partners of a company. We started from a blank excel spreadsheet when the meeting started. Then we built in different business drivers and variables with inputs from the client and background history from its accounts. After setting up […]

Another Satisfied Client With Our Value-Based Business Steering or VBBS Accounting Services

  Today completed a Business Review Meeting with a client for his group of companies, with each company in the group just closed different fiscal year ends. The Meeting started with critical reviews of the respective Profits attained for the fiscal years just ended and the respective net Cash generated. The Meeting then went on […]

VBBS Accounting

  Many of our accounting clients, who have experienced and are very satisfied with our VBBS Accounting Services, have referred their business friends to us – Corporate BackOffice or CBO in short – to help them with their accounting. VBBS stands for “Value-Based Business Steering”. CBO prides itself in driving our clients’ businesses monthly via […]

Importance Of Timely Accounting And Monthly Review Of Business Performances In Proper Business Management

“I am unaware of the seriousness of the cash flow situation of my business until a vendor came to office to ask for payment for $100,000 “, paraphrasing the owner of What To Eat food delivery mentioned in a news article. This must be joke of the century! As a business owner, if you do […]

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