Another Nearly 6-hour Marathon Business Review Meeting With Just One Client Yesterday!

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The monthly Business Review Meeting with this client started yesterday at 3pm, ended at nearly close to 9pm!

It was a group of companies owned by this Client.

The whole business review meeting centered on areas of numbers rectifications to achieve more reliable historical numbers, Workflows improvement to achieve Reliability of future Numbers, Month-End Accounts Closing Checklist and Time Table to have more Timely processed Accounting Information for Analysis , Benchmarking of Operational KPIs across Companies to identify Gaps and Trends, Tax Optimization to avoid Tax Leakages, Cash Pooling for more efficient use of Group’s Cash resources, Transfer Pricing to avoid Tax violations, Group Structuring for future scaling and lastly Internal Control Weaknesses to nip leakages.

The Business Owner client is very young, but this client is super energetic and very eager to learn. This Client is like a sponge, absorbing every bit of knowledge I was imparting.

This client’s mind was still very alert at 9pm, after nearly 6 grueling hours of Meeting with me. Respect !

I am very certain this young client would go very far very soon.

SINGAPORE is very blessed to have such Entrepreneur who is so eager to learn, so structured and so much belief in Financial Governance!

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Written by Kelvin Loh