Bad Paperwork and Workflows

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Lately my accounting firm just Onboarded a new client, and managed to close the accounts of a business for its fiscal year end accounts, after 3 months of sorting out the past paperwork!

This company hired a virtual assistant (VA), based in the Philippines to help out with the paperwork administration in the hope to save some costs.

Documents would be scanned to the Google Drive, and the VA would help process the paperwork. All seems well until …

The first completed draft of the Accounts was horrendous !

Sales Invoices were duplicated or even triplicated, owners expense claims were not properly filed in for bookkeeping purpose (don’t know what expenses were incurred for as mostly paid via credit cards), credit supposedly issued to his clients for refunds were not properly maintained, and the list goes on.

There goes the saying “Garbage-In, Garbage Out”.

When we presented the “Garbage” to the business owner, he was shocked, and we told him we are not Creative Accountants.

We then taught him the importance of proper paperwork, document flows and workflows in the whole Information Flow, until meaningful processed Information can be presented for Analysis.

He then hired a part time admin assistant, after going through 3 months of backlog clearance, we finally managed to close the accounts for him.

We presented to him areas of under-achievement, over spending, inefficiencies, and alternate ways in managing his cash flow after the accounts closing.

He left a remark after that meeting which made my day… “I should have known you earlier”.

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Written by Kelvin Loh