CBO – Your Business-Driving Accountant

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CBO believes strongly in giving the best to its clients.

All accounting numbers generated must be able to drive better business decisions.

To do that, CBO puts a lot of effort in ensuring the source of information is Complete, Accruate and Timely ( CAT principle ).

To achieve this CAT principle, CBO invests time in understanding clients’ business models, sorting out clients’ workflows and document flows, and then train the respective persons in-charge to generate reliable and timely source documents, digitally and systematically.

CBO would also put in place a meaningful Chart of Accounts to accurately capture all Revenue, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities.

A lot of time would then be put into financial analysis of Clients’ accounts once they are completed every month.

Face-to-face Zoom meetings would then be done with clients to present the analyzed financial numbers to our clients to ensure they understand all gaps and business drivers.

CBO would then use processed historical numbers to do Rolling Forecasts together with clients. Action Plan would then be tabulated to drive better performances in coming month to achieve better Profits and Cash, and optimize Income Taxes.

CBO also goes another step beyond engaged duties by doing Mid Month Flash and Month-End Flash Reports to our clients to drive better business decisions even before the Accounts for the month are prepared.

This is CBO’s “Business-Driving Accounting Services”.

CBO takes pain in ensuring “proper brewing of our soup” so that “every bowl of soup” served will nourish our clients’ businesses.

Due to this, we select our clients carefully to be nourished.

This is not a volume game.

This is the reason all our clients are doing better and better, month over month.

CBO takes great pride in seeing Successes in our clients’ businesses.

If you are keen to have CBO take care of your business and achieve the same results as our clients, just WhatsApp to +65 90880669. We would be glad to see how to help you increase your Profits, Cash and Company Valuation.

If you need help, feel free to contact us at :

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Written by Kelvin Loh