Choose The Right Accountant To Partner Your Growth

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You would never know when your company will be the next target of acquisition.

However, for one thing for sure you know — you would need to be all time ready for this day when the golden opportunity knocks on your door!

When your company gets noticed and this day really comes, you would need get ready to present a “clean” Balance Sheet and a good track record of past 3 years of Income Statement, a reliable Database almost immediately, with no time to tidy up nor “window dress”.

You will never realize the real value of your accountant until this come really comes. All the hard work of your accountant over these years will pay off on that day.

Financial statements will be “clean” and “proper”, very able to present the “state of affairs” and “true and fair view” of your entire business to the impending acquirer. Financial due diligence performed by the acquirer will be able to score high rating, and for sure you will be able to ask for a good valuation of your business.

Numbers speak by itself. If you know you have been doing well, but somehow your financial numbers do not really show what you claim it to be, “big discount” will be levied on your asking price immediately after the financial due diligence by the acquirer. You Talk will be glaringly cheap at that time so much so that you will be “sold” by your ill- prepared financial statements which are not reflective of your real business.

So, if you are not already doing so, starting today, carefully choose your accountant to partner you in your growth.

Your Investment in a good accountant would certainly give you a Good Return on Investment ( ROI ) later.

If your accountant allows “Garbage” to get into your system, you will get “Garbage financial statements” as a result.

Never neglect this aspect in your entrepreneurship journey for you will pay a huge price for such negligence later.

Good luck !

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Written by Kelvin Loh