Go paperless In Your Accounting To Be A More Efficient and Informed Entrepreneur

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1. you send digital sales invoices to your customers,

2. likewise your vendors send you digital invoices,

3. all your expenses can be scanned via an app that is linked to the accounting software with Machine learning, which auto codes all your expenses,

4. You process your payments to your vendors inside the accounting software which is linked to your corporate bank accounts, which will be posted in your accounts the moment these payments were released,

5. All your source documents can now be stored on cloud, saved the storage costs and space for hard copy documents.

6. You can access graphic presentations of your accounts via Business Intelligence software sitting on top of the accounting software. In this way, you need not wait for your books to be closed monthly before accessing important information from your valuable accounts database.

The world is evolving, technology has now allowed us to do all the above.

We are slowly converting all our clients towards achieving all the above. The result is amazing and awesome.

We hope to share this way of doing modern accounting. Whether we are doing or not, is not important. Try it.

Our accountants are now spending more time analyzing our clients’ final accounts monthly once completed, resulting in more value-adding business commentaries accompanying the deliveries our final accounts to our clients.

Technology is amazing. Embrace it, or you will be made Obsolete.

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Written by Kelvin Loh