Good Things Need No Marketing Effort

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I just onboarded a new accounting client recently.

There was only 1 condition that this client has for me to be included in our engagement Term Sheet – ie I must be the only person to be responsible to present his monthly Accounts and Analysis, and explain in detail, to him on his company’s business performance every month.

He told me that our accounting fees would not be an issue to him as he knew very well that our monthly accounts outsourcing fee is only a small fraction of an otherwise full-time accounts assistant’s fully loaded salary.

He also knew jolly well that he would have the full attention of a qualified and seasoned CFO free of charge monthly by just paying for my accounting staff’s time to process his accounts monthly.

He told me quietly that he had a good deal by just engaging our accounting outsource service as he has now the whole team attending to him ( ie my Accountant + Accounts Manager + Business Review Director + Accounting Director + a CFO ) for just a fraction of an otherwise full-time Accounts Assistant’s monthly salary.

After hearing this from him, I then realized our USP or Unique Selling Point.

I would like to Thank this client for seeing and recognizing our USP.

No wonder our accounting clients are expanding rapidly in number, and our existing clients are adding new companies into our portfolio as they have become more successful under our business coaching using the processed accounting numbers to drive their businesses.

This is our Value-Based Business Steering or VBBS Accounting, the only Accounting Firm in Singapore which is really practicing it.

We really Walk The Talk.

We really use Numbers to Show our clients the way.

Numbers never Lie.

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Written by Kelvin Loh