Importance Of Timely Accounting And Monthly Review Of Business Performances In Proper Business Management

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“I am unaware of the seriousness of the cash flow situation of my business until a vendor came to office to ask for payment for $100,000 “, paraphrasing the owner of What To Eat food delivery mentioned in a news article.

This must be joke of the century!

As a business owner, if you do not care about the numbers of your company, Who else will ?

Improper Workflows, Untimely Paperwork, no Bookkeeping and worse, no monthly review of your Business Performances and Cash Flow, are perfect formula for Business Failure.

Who are you to blame for your business failure?

So, Information is Power. If you are not staying on top of your business numbers via Proper Bookkeeping and Timely monthly business reviews of the processed numbers, only blame yourself, not the poor economic situation nor your competitors.

The God only helps those who first help themselves.

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Written by Kelvin Loh