January – the most important Month of the Year!

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Many companies are closing their December fiscal year end this month.

A bad accountant would not be sensitive to your profit numbers or even be bothered to minimize your corporate income tax exposure.

A good accountant would not only help close your accounts with an explainable and justifiable profit number, he would help minimize your company income tax exposure.

A brilliant accountant would not only help you close your accounts with a reasonable profit number, optimize both your company and personal income taxes, he would work with you to use last year’s achieved numbers to push you to budget for better results in 2021, then cascade these results down to Critical Success Factors with KPIs measured in appropriate Units of Measurement and Achievable Time Lines in 2021!

This is the reason why my firm is busiest this month, trying to achieve the latest.

How to close last year with a Bang and budget for this year with a Spark, is what differentiates a Brilliant Accountant from the norm.

This is exactly the reason why existing satisfied Clients like to refer new clients to us.

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Written by Kelvin Loh