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Monthly Finance Care (MFC)

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Good News !

Corporate BackOffice (CBO) just launched a Value-for-Money Service, called Monthly Finance Care or “MFC” in short.

MFC shall Comprise the following power-packed 8 value services :

1. Monthly Bookkeeping Services comprising organizing and instilling Discipline in Workflows, Document Flows, and System Flows, to ensure no “Garbage-In, Garbage-Out” effect and result in a more reliable General Ledger, Trial Balance, Accounts Receivables Ageing, Accounts Payable Ageing, Fixed Assets Register and Bank Reconciliation Statements

2. Generation of Monthly Financial Reports Package (i.e. Income Statement, Balance Sheet)

3. Financial Analysis and Business Performance Commentary

4. Cash Flow eye-balling (Cash Flow Statement, Cash Forecasting, Cash Commentary)

5. 1 complimentary ticket per  month to any topic in CBO’s CFO-Business Owner Clinic Series (not cumulative) to ensure Business Owners are more well-informed, to know “what they do not know”

6. Face-to-face Access to CFO Advisory (by prior appointment only – at CBO’s Paya Lebar Square office) for up to 5 hours per month, non cumulative

7. Whatsapp Support group set up with CBO providing 24/7 Q&A on business Owner’s enquiries

8. Free Cashiering Service of up to 10 payments (either via bank cheque or bank token) per month (non cumulative)

Monthly Fee : $2500/month 

This is real value-for-money because for just $2,500/month, you will have a team of professionally trained bookkeepers at CBO at your service and a seasoned CFO to partner your growth, check your decisions prior to them being made and bounce your ideas around for improved quality decisions.

If you are keen, just say “I am keen to sign up” in your Whatsapp to “+65 9088 0669” or email to “[email protected]”, we shall then email you our simple Term Sheet to formalize this engagement. A formal Onboarding process will follow once Term Sheet is fully signed off.

For just $2500/month/legal entity, which is less than the cost of a full time bookkeeper, you will have team of professionally trained accountants at CBO and a seasoned CFO to partner you in your growth.

Feel free to contact us at :

(O) +65 63851011

(M) +65 90880669

(E) [email protected]


Written by Kelvin Loh