Outsourced Accountant Who Makes A Difference To Business Owners

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Does your outsourced Accountant tell you any of these after processing your monthly accounts :

1. You are running out of cash in 3 months’ time!

2. Looks like you are over-staffed!

3. Your Material Wastes are way too high!

4. Your Order Backlog is running Low!

5. You are carrying too much Slow Runners in your Inventory!

6. Your Customers are not paying you fast enough!

7. You are just not generating enough Operating Cash to repay your Bank Loans with Interests!

8. You are spending on your Capital Expenditure faster than you are able to generate Operational Cash!

9. Etc etc

In a nutshell, does your outsourced Accountant care about you and your business?

My clients have been saying I am a like a nanny to them, always nag at them, but just consider this…some outsourced Accountants just choose to take the easy way out — ie, can’t wait to process the accounting documents, finish up to the Financial statements, then quickly courier them to the customers, and issue an invoice, and then say…

” next client’s file please… “

There are just so much information in the monthly processed financial statements, it would be a total waste not to take one more last step…ie, to highlight “issues” to the business owners !

If business owners do not care to listen or take necessary actions even after their outsourced accountants have highlighted issues to them, these accountants have at least fulfilled their professional ethics and care, and earned their fees !

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Written by Kelvin Loh