Treasure In Your Financial Statements

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Your financial statements are the medical records of your company’s health.

Your financial statements are your “rear mirror” in your car, able to tell you, who are in the driver’s seat, how to maneuver your car speed, direction and ability to synchronize your “car” with the other cars-in-motion. Otherwise, you may just “hit” another car without you knowing, or worse, may crash your car pre-maturely.

By financial statements, we are referring to Income Statement, Financial Position and Cash Flow Statement. Each of these 3 Reports have very powerful pointers or indicators to you, and also industry acceptable benchmarking KPIs which you should hit or exceed.

However, there is this saying – “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. As a pre-requisite, You would need to ensure your company’s Workflow, Document flow and information flow are all in sync and proper before your Financial Statements are meaningful and can do wonders to point you the right direction.

Information is Power. Your Financial Statements have just the treasure of “Information” you need to run your business the way it should be run.

Equip yourself with the “Information” you need today.

Time is money. Waste no more time to avoid being left behind.

Action now.

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Written by Kelvin Loh