Value-Based Business Steering Or VBBS Accounting

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Recently we sat through a long session with a group of passionate business owners who are partners of a company.

We started from a blank excel spreadsheet when the meeting started. Then we built in different business drivers and variables with inputs from the client and background history from its accounts.

After setting up the needed formulas that link up the data input page to the Sensitivity Analysis Reports, out we generated some useful Analysis Reports.

These Analysis Reports were Rolling Forecasts, 12-month Budget, Cash Forecast, etc.

We then walked through with the client to change the different Drivers and Variables on the data Input page, the various resultant reports with changes in end numbers.

We challenged the client to give us aggressive numbers, and out the Financial Model generated “extreme” numbers.

We then brainstormed with the clients on the various Action Plan to achieve those “extreme” results.

The client then toned down the driver assumptions after knowing the “limits”, and our client suddenly became very realistic.

At the end of the grueling session, the business owners walked out of the long meeting session much more enlightened, and better equipped with do-able and achievable Actions Plan with timelines and person-in-charge to achieve them.

This is how we work on clients’ own numbers to drive their businesses.

This is our Value-Based Business Steering or VBBS Accounting.

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Written by Kelvin Loh