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Many of our accounting clients, who have experienced and are very satisfied with our VBBS Accounting Services, have referred their business friends to us – Corporate BackOffice or CBO in short – to help them with their accounting.

VBBS stands for “Value-Based Business Steering”.

CBO prides itself in driving our clients’ businesses monthly via our VBBS Accounting.

CBO would check clients’ monthly Workflows to ensure Accounting documents which reach us are complete and reliable before we would commence monthly bookkeeping and Accounts Closing.

During the accounting process, CBO would take pain to constantly check with the client and his admin person when in doubt, to ensure accurate booking of every transaction into the Accounts.

CBO would then Analyze the completed Financial Statements 360 degree to ensure we cover all aspects of the business operation – Sales, Orders Booked, Backlog, Invoicing for fulfilled Orders, Revenue Recognition Check and Deferred Revenue Adjustment, Costing, Cost-Revenue Check, Margin Check, Compute Cash generates from Operations, Compute Net Asset Value, Working Capital Management Review ( DSO, DPO, DIO ), Rolling Forecasting, Cash Forecasting to know peak cash usage and surplus cash balances, Review Funding, Capital Expenditure, just to name a few…

A 1-1/2 page of Business Commentary would then be written by our Accounting Director In-Charge to accompany the completed Completed set of Accounts and Financial Statements to the Client.

CBO would then conduct a Business Review Meeting ( BRM ) with each Client to present our Analysis and to direct them to Action Plan.

Our clients would be extremely clear of the State of their respective businesses after our detail monthly BRM sessions.

Our accounting clients are very much looking forward to their respective BRM every month.

When CBO talks, Clients are so eager to Listen.

This differentiates CBO in its Accounting Services in this Industry.

So far, no Accounting Firm in Singapore is providing VBBS Accounting Services for the latter is very time consuming, draining on resources and technical expertise.

However, CBO cares and dares to do it!

If you need help, feel free to contact us at :

(M) +65 90880669

(E) [email protected]

Written by Kelvin Loh