How to increase your Cash and Business Valuations with use of Accounting?

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History repeats itself!

Hence, it is all worth it to understand your Business History. Proper Accounting is your only way to understand your own Business History!

If you understand your Revenue Streams and their derived Contribution Margins, and the behavior patterns of your fixed Operating Costs, you would grasp your Breakeven Sales Level.

If you track Cumulative Sales in the month, you would know exactly which day in the month you would start to make Profits.

If you control your Cash Conversion Cycle well, you would be able to reduce your Working Capital required to maintain Liquidity.

The higher your Liquidity, the higher your Chances of Business Success and the lesser your Chances of sudden Business Death due to Insufficient Cash Flow.

Cash Conversion Cycle ( CCC ) is the number of days you are able to convert your Purchase into Cash Collections, and Working Capital is the amount of Cash Shortfall between CCC and the Credit Term granted by your Suppliers.

You expand your business by adding assets leveraged on other people’s monies we called “Business Loans”.

Your ability to add more to your Total Assets ( including Cash ) financed by lesser Debt we called Lowly Geared will make your business more Solvent!

The more Solvent your business is, the higher is your Credit Ratings and your Business Valuation!

The higher your Credit Rating would mean more Banks are willing to lend you monies for you to Expand.

The higher your Business Valuations would mean the higher your Value of your company to potential Investors or Buyers in terms of Higher Share Prices of your company’s Shares.

Accounting and Entrepreneurship are hence intertwined.

Success in Entrepreneurship needs success in knowing how to use your Accountants in driving your Business.

Business-Driving Accounting ( BDA ) leads to Successful Business ventures ! There is no Shortcut!

This differentiates Corporate BackOffice ( CBO ) from the conventional Accountants.

CBO only provides BDA to all its Accounting Clients.

Many of CBO’s Clients have since expanded many folds since they started with CBO.

There are just plenty of Clients’ Testimonials to attest to this.

If you are just using Accounting to report to ACRA, please Do Not Call us.

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Written by Kelvin Loh