Do You Really Think You Could Get Away With Under-Reporting Your Revenue In Singapore?

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Think again.

Not even your Outsourced Accountant could help you if there has been no Completeness Check of your revenue against reliable Sources in the first place by either yourself or your Accountant.

Many times, normal Outsourced Accountants would just Book in those revenue / sales invoices which you have collated for them to book in. They rarely tally against reliable sources like your POS Reports or Sales Invoicing system or sequentially numbered Sales Invoices with proper cut-off done.

At CBO, we care to do extra steps to ensure Sales Invoicing workflow exists, and completeness of documentations of Sales Revenue is accounted for, prior to monthly Accounts processing would even commence.

What’s the point of rushing though the monthly Accounts processing for our clients when the important Profit number actually hinges upon accurate Sales number processed ?

At CBO, we don’t only Do the Right Things, we do Things Right.

That’s our Culture, our Value and our Promise.

We Walk the Talk.

Our Accounting Reports Completed have rarely been adjusted by any external Auditors as latter would find the Accounts done by CBO Complete, Accurate and Reliable.

Our Banking Partners would be most glad for our clients to submit their financial reports done by CBO to them for any form of Loan applications for these Financial Reports done by CBO are deemed and perceived as reliable as being “well audited”.

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Written by Kelvin Loh